Capital West’s comprehensive range of corporate finance services helps businesses address the complexities of the current marketplace. Our clients trust us to partner with them in pursuing their objectives, from concept to completion.

We will serve as your advisor, partner and behind-the-scenes team, from due diligence through to successful completion of every assignment.


    Our goal is always to maximize shareholder value.

    A significant segment of our business is selling mid-market companies, as well as the divisions and assets of large companies. Capital West has the proven expertise to navigate clients through the complexity of selling a business.

    We are highly qualified in positioning your business to best capture maximum selling price, and in negotiating the terms and conditions that serve our clients best.

    Selling a Business

    Selling a business requires financial expertise at every stage of the process. Our in-house team of Chartered Professional Accountants and Chartered Business Valuators maximize shareholder value by preparing detailed financial models, producing marketing documents, creating an auction among a qualified group of purchasers, negotiating the terms of sale and providing strategic and financial advice.


    Whether you are merging or acquiring, we ensure you achieve maximum strategic and economic value.

    Capital West has experience completing a full and diverse range of M&A transactions within a broad range of industries in the mid-market. Our related services include all aspects of the M&A process, from sourcing and assessing targets for qualities such as market and operational similarities, to valuing the strategic benefit, developing and negotiating a deal structure that works for all parties, and seeing the transaction through to closing.

    Our clients rely on our knowledge and experience to deliver to their unique expectations and requirements, and to ensure their transaction is adding shareholder value.


    See your business’ true worth through new and expert eyes.

    One of our core strengths is business valuation. Whether the assignment is a fairness opinion or a complex deal in a challenging financial environment, valuation is truly at the heart of every deal. We perform rigorous due diligence, create detailed financial models, and use exceptional market knowledge and business judgement to determine the value and fairness of proposed transactions.

    Our services ensure you meet the requirements of your shareholders, special committees, boards and securities regulators, while our noted independence withstands the most stringent corporate governance standards.

    Fairness Opinions

    Often our complete independence is essential to an assignment. With several experienced Chartered Professional Accountants and Chartered Business Valuators on our team, Capital West is frequently consulted for its fully independent fairness opinions and business valuation advice. As a privately owned partnership, Capital West is uniquely unbiased and has provided fairness opinions for companies across all industry segments.


    Our commitment is to provide you with sound and relevant strategic financial advice.

    Our history of providing clear advice on transactions, means we are frequently retained to deliver stand-alone consultative services for corporate initiatives across various scenarios.

    Clients retain us to provide expert advice and analysis on various aspects of their business strategy, including shareholder value optimization, dividend policy, initial public offerings and project feasibility reviews, among other activities.


    We help you resolve tough issues in challenging circumstances.

    Capital West provides advice and services to companies that require a financial overhaul that will satisfy owners, management, creditors, lenders and other stakeholders. In particular, we provide strategic strength negotiating with lenders and other stakeholders on behalf of distressed companies seeking go-forward solutions.

    Our focused guidance helps businesses preserve, drive and deliver value while efficiently managing creditors, all with a view to position the company for growth.

    Capital West supports leadership to unlock potential and demonstrate value to stakeholders by recommending strategic, financial changes including potential asset disposition and requisite financing.

The road to a successful deal is paved with risk and opportunity - Don’t go it alone.